Getting Free Spins on Coin Master Game

Coin master is a game that has interesting gameplay with exciting rewards. In this article, we will discuss how to get free spins on the game. You can visit freespins to know more about the bonus.

Free Spins on Coin Master

As a new player who wants to learn how to play the game, you'll need coins to play the game. Instead of using your money to purchase the coin, you can free spins for free.

  • You can get the free spin bonus by signing in to your Facebook account
  • You can also subscribe for email free spin gifts

However, there are several ways you can get free spins on coin master like getting the daily free spin links on a website, signing up for email gift, requesting spins as gifts and more.

Free Spins Daily Links.

If you want to get daily links for free spins, you need to register with a website that updates these links on a daily basis. So to get daily links, you can bookmark the webpage of the website.

The website that updates these daily links puts out the number of free spins and coin a player can claim for that day. When you click the link, you will be redirected to Facebook to log in.

Signing up for Email Gifts

Another way to get free spins on coin master is to sign up for email gift so that you can be sent daily free spin links on your mobile device through your email address.

  • You can get free spins if you get three energy symbols in a row
  • You can get free spins when you level up your village

You can check your spam messages on your mail if you do not get the daily free spin link for the day. You can also reach out to the help centre of the game to complain.

You can get Free Spins by Inviting Your Friends

You can get free spins by referring your friend to register with coin master on Twitter or Facebook. Coin master gives you 40 coin master free spins which is an additional bonus reward for you.

Interestingly, they don't need to even play the game. All they need to do is to download the game and then log in on Facebook or Twitter so that you can get your free spin reward.

Request Spins as Gifts From Friends.

Another way to get free spins is to request it from your friend who is also registered with either Twitter or Facebook. You can get up to 100 coin master free spins if you have many friends.

  • Watch video Ads to get coin master free spins
  • Participate in events to get coin master free spins

A friend can only send you a free spin as a gift upon your request which can add up to 100 free spins. You can join Facebook communities to meet people that are interested in the game.